v1.1 | Full Release | [[RELEASE_DATE]]

New Features

Modules added to Agency Profiles
Agency Listing by Module
New Wesbite Module
Browse Setups Library by Program/Component, Recently Updated, Popular
Create New Setup: Linked to Program and Existing Program Component or Create New Program Component
Upload Setup Documents to Own Setups - .pdf or .docx
Archive or Replace Own Setup Documents
Edit Own Agency Setups
Move Own Setup - link to different program and/or component
Admin Dashboard
Organizations: Organizations can have multiple email domains
Organizations: Add and delete email domains for organizations
Other Table Maintenance: Table maintenance tools for Modules
Other Table Maintenance: Table maintenance tools for Components
Other Table Maintenance: Delete Programs, Solutions, Subject Matters and Modules
Notifications: Added area for designating users to receive notifications
Notifications: Created notification for new account creation
User Account
My Agency Link
Auto-Assigned Primary Organization: anytime user verifies email address, user will be assigned to primary organization based on email domains on file for organization

Bug Fixes


Deprecated Features


v1.0 | Initial Release | Oct 20, 2016


Forgotten Password Reset
Account Signup
Email Verification
Announcements Slider
Google Calendar Integration
Agency Listing
View Agency Profiles
Edit Own Agency Profile
Agency Listing by County
Agency Listing by Program
Agency Listing by Solution
Member Listing
Member Listing by Subject Matter Expertise
View Member Profile
Integration of Vanilla Forums
Single Sign-on w/ Vanilla Forum
Admin Dashboard
Communication Tools: Front Page Announcements
User and Organization Maintenance: List Users
User and Organization Maintenance: Edit Basic User Profile
User and Organization Maintenance: Change User Email Address
User and Organization Maintenance: Manual Reset User Password
User and Organization Maintenance: Reset User Failed Login Counter
User and Organization Maintenance: Change User Permissions
User and Organization Maintenance: Activate/Suspend Users
Other Table Maintenance: Table maintenance tools for Programs, Solutions, and Subject Matters
User Account
Edit Own User Profile
Change Own Email Address
Change Own Password