New York City, November 6-8, 2019

Presentation Materials

Below are the presentation materials for sessions where they have been provided to share.

Netsmart MyEvolv Peer Training Track

Session Materials
Session 1A - Treatment Plans PCE (Bob) myEvolv_Treatment_Plans_A-Z.docx
Session 2A - JavaScript (Dean and Perry) getDataValue_Reference_Handout.pdf
Session 4A - Form Design (Sara and Dean) Form_Design.pptx
Session 5A - Formsets and Event Groups (Sara and Priscilla) Chart.jpg
Session 6A - Workflows (Trisch and Natalie) Workflows.pptx
Session 7A - New Program Setup (Jolene and Natalie) New_Program_Setup.pptx
Session 8A - Security and Navigation (Trisch and Jolene) Security_Navigation.pptx
Session 10A - eMar and OrderConnect (Priscilla and Mike) eMar_OrderConnect.pptx
Session 11A - Subreports (Elise) Subreports.pptx
Session 12A - SQL & Data Insight (Perry and Mike) SQL_Data_Insight.pptx
Session 15A & 16A - JavaScript Workshop (Dean) JavaScript_Workshop.pptx
Session 15B & 16B - Data Insight Workshop (Mike)
Session 17A & 18A - Home View / Face Sheets / myClient Widgets Workshop (Mike)
Session 17B & 18B - Subreports Workshop (Elise)

Non-Profit Digital Transformations Track

Session Materials
Session 1B - What's your Purpose? Collaboratives in Action (Netsmart + AsOne BHCC) AsOne_Collaboratives_in_Action.pdf
Session 2B - Life of a Case "Digital Twin" (Celonis) Celonis_Workshop.pdf
Session 3 - Lunch and Learn: Eliminating Repetitive Data Entry (UiPath) RPA_For_Nonprofits.pdf
Session 4B - Advanced Analytics with AI (MercyFirst, et. al.) Augmented_Intelligence_Advanced_Analytics_with_AI.pdf
Session 5B - Community-Based & Service Delivery Focused EVV / Intuitive Easy-to-Use Conversational SmartPhone Apps myEvolv_Ecosystem_Care4_DF_EVV_CareBots.pdf
Session 6B - Power BI Day 1: The Modernization Culture Shift (Blueprint Consulting Services) myEvolv_Blueprint_for_Good_Day1.pdf
Session 7 - Breakfast and Learn: Extended Social Impact Development Team (Gigster) Intro_and_Gigster_for_Good.pdf
Session 7B - Power BI Day 2: THe Modernization Technical Shift (BluePrint Consulting Services)
Session 8B - Sabermetrics for Innovation (Gigster) Data_and_Sabermetrics.pdf
Session 9 - Collaboration Lunch & Learn: Operational Process Management Operational_Process_Assessment.pptx
Session 10B - WalkMe Learning Moments for myEvolv (WalkMe)
Session 11B - The Power of Integration Platform as a Services (iPaaS) with myEvolv APIs (Ming) Informatica_Cloud_for_NYF.pptx
Session 14 - Breakfast & Learn: Meet a Gigster (Gigster)
Session 20 - Power BI Day 3: The Modernization Workshop (BluePrint Consulting Services)